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“Helping one another even in the simple ways brings joy to the helper and to the one being helped.”

Father Champlin

“I am not hesitant to follow my dreams, with the help of the Guardian Angel Society giving me a little push.”

Jacquay, 12th Grade

“A student finally solves a math problem and experiences the joy and serenity of experiencing truth.”

Father Champlin

“I commit my time to helping the youth in our community because they are our future.”

Bruce LaGrow, Mentor Volunteer

“The funds help us give these kids a chance at life, a way out of poverty and the possibility of being productive members of the community.”

Father Champlin

“Love basically means giving, being unselfish, thinking of another or others, instead of oneself.”

Father Champlin

“My hope is to become a lawyer to help people. At first, I thought this was too much for me but Ms. Tammi (my mentor) told me I can do it. Father Champlin used to tell us to put our minds to what we want. The Guardian Angel Society makes me feel more confident in life.”

Daniela, 10th Grade

“I look back and realize that I didn’t belong at any other school than here and I am so grateful to have had this experience to better my Catholic education.”

Ashley, 12th Grade

“Without you, many of our students would not get the great education we deserve.”

Katrina, 3rd Grade

“Serving others both helps those in need and creates contented hearts in those who are serving.”

Father Champlin

“Such sharing of one’s wealth makes for contented hearts.”

Father Champlin

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