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Why Mentor or Tutor Father’s Kids?
Training and Support
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Volunteer mentors establish one-on-one relationships with students, meeting once a week during the school year. This partnership is designed to equip students with the tools for lifelong learning such as confidence, determination, problem solving and goal setting. Volunteer tutors work individually or in small groups with students to help build English Language Arts, Math and Science skills so that the students are able to fully develop their learning potential.

The mentoring program begun by Father Champlin at the inception of the Guardian Angel Society was expanded in 2012 to include a summer program “Building A Path to Success” which helped graduates of CAP prepare for the academic and personal challenges of junior high school.

The programs, held at St. Vincent DePaul Church, were so well received that nearly 100% scholar attendance was achieved. Each participating scholar made measurable progress in the acquisition of literacy and math skills. The summer program transitioned into each of the school years. For school year 2013-2014 nearly 30 mentors have volunteered up to 80 hours to work with scholars in an after-school setting at least one day a week. Download the Mentor & Tutor brochure here.

Why Mentor or Tutor Father’s Kids?

  • To help students make the transition to secondary school.
  • To emphasize the importance of school and demonstrate how to achieve in the classroom.
  • To provide a network of support in concert with parents, family, school and the community.
  • To assist a child with academics.
  • To empower students to advocate for themselves.
  • To be a role model, reinforce positive behavior and provide guidance.
  • Because… when Father Champlin first started speaking about giving time, talent & treasure, he would add, “Whatever you give, in whatever way, it comes back to you.”

Training and Support

The Mentor & Tutor Program is facilitated by the Educational Program Coordinator in collaboration with staff at CAP, Bishop Grimes Prep, Bishop Ludden, CBA, the Catholic Schools Office, Le Moyne College and the St. Vincent de Paul Ministry.

Mentors & tutors attend one or two training sessions where the program goals, expectations and protocol are outlined. Additionally, personnel in each student’s school provide the mentors and tutors with support. Mentors & tutors must also complete VIRTUS “Protecting God’s Children” training.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or tutor for the summer program or the upcoming academic year, please contact the Guardian Angel Society office, at
(315) 422-7218.

To support the efforts and learn more about the Mentor & Tutor Program, join us at the Mentor & Tutor Breakfast!

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Father Champlin's Guardian Angel Society

Without you, many of our students would not get the great education we deserve.

Katrina (3rd grade)

I look back and realize that I didn’t belong at any other school than here and I am so grateful to have had this experience to better my Catholic education.

Ashley (12th grade)

I am not hesitant to follow my dreams, with the help of the Guardian Angel Society giving me a little push.

JaQuay (12th grade)

My hope is to become a lawyer to help people. At first, I thought this was too much for me but Ms. Tammi (my mentor) told me I can do it. Father Champlin used to tell us to put our minds to what we want. The Guardian Angel Society makes me feel more confident in life.

Daniela (10th grade)

I commit my time to helping the youth in our community because they are our future.

Bruce LaGrow (volunteer mentor)

Father Champlin's Guardian Angel Society