GA_Card_2015Well before the tragic attacks in Paris, students from Cathedral Academy at Pompei began submitting entries for this year’s Christmas card design. It is remarkable that the winning cover design featured a message of peace, given the turmoil much of the world is now facing. Theienbinh Tran, a student in grade 6 is the thoughtful artist behind the peace dove. Fellow sixth grader, Katrina Huynh provided the inside picture of baby Jesus.

As Pope Francis preached this past Sunday, “We wonder how can it come to the heart of man to conceive and carry out of such horrible events”. He invited us all┬áto join him in prayer for the victims and their families.

Our hope and prayer is that when you send these six cards, you extend a message of peace that impacts the hearts of your relatives, friends or colleagues.

Quantities of this card, as well as cards from years passed, are available for purchase. All proceeds provide Father’s kids with tuition support and wings for education.

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